Owner-1As the owners of three dogs and two rescue cats, Liz Clouse and John Smith, knew that opening Snaggle Foot San Antonio would provide them with the opportunity to work with animals every day–something that they have looked forward to for many years.

When John and Liz met more than 16 years ago, their love for pets was something they both had in common. Liz adopted George, a beagle mix, who soon stole both of their hearts. Neither John nor Liz had much experience with Beagles, but quickly learned how busy, annoying and funny they can be (not to mention cute!). No matter what George did, it was almost impossible to be mad at him.

After a move to the San Antonio area 7 years ago, they realized that their community lacked a reliable in-home pet care service, and thus their plans to open a service began. Being involved with a pet care business allows them the opportunity to provide care to other peoples’ pets, just as if they were their own. It is important to them to provide a service that they would want to use themselves.

Liz has a degree in Business Management and has worked in the corporate world for several years. At her most recent company, a manufacturer’s representative for a Fortune 100 company, she helped establish offices in San Antonio and Austin.

Liz likes to call John, the family’s “Dog Whisperer”. He is very much the leader of their pack! With John’s ability to handle “at risk” dogs, the couple have taken in several fosters and rehabilitated them.

Being involved with a local pet rescue organization, Homes for Pets in Schertz, TX, helped them realize how much they wanted to turn pet care into a full-time business. Volunteering at adoption events and fostering dogs is very rewarding, even if it is sometimes difficult to let them go.


BrettWhen not working as a Special Education Teacher, Brett spends his time outdoors enjoying nature and wildlife.  Being around all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles has always been a joy.  Brett enjoys discovering wildlife with his family and interacting with pets of all shapes and sizes.


KimKimberly, was born and raised in San  Antonio Texas. She previously worked as a  Pharmacy Technician for 20 year’s, but always felt like something was missing. She knew she had a  passion for working  with animals.  She has always been a huge animal lover, so she pursued a career in the  Veterinary health care industry, but still wasn’t  fulfilling  enough  for her. She felt she needed  an opportunity to work with animals one on one. Being a dog walker and pet sitter, has been a most fulfilling decision.

AmyAmy is a Dallas native who happily settled here 5 years ago. She has always had a passion for animals and began volunteering with rescue organizations 11 years ago. She is so excited to be a part of the Snaggle Foot  team and looks forward to spending time with so many different animal personalities. She is the helicopter parent of 2 Siamese cats.